Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Oil and gasOur team has a proven record in negotiating and finalizing contracts in the oil, gas and petrochemical complex projects. Most of these projects have either been successfully implemented and fulfilled or are being in progress smoothly. These projects, a big number of which are located in the Middle East, include, but are not limited to, upstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical sites, equipment erection and commissioning, and also support units such as desalting projects.

We have managed to successfully make collaborations between our partners and service providers possible through various types of equity and contractual joint ventures, BOT’s, etc.

If you are planning to be a part of numerous huge projects in oil, gas and petrochemicals, particularly in the Middle East and some CIS countries, we are the right hub to start with. With our team’s knowledge and expertise in the regulations in force in the target countries where such projects are implemented, and the constellation of our sister companies and partners, you will have a strong support to secure projects and leave insurmountable barriers behind.


Some of the pinnacles of our career in the projects we have been involved are as follows:


☑ Azadegan Upstream Oil Products Expansion (Phase 19)
☑ Ahvaz Central Desalting Plant
☑ BOP / Electrical & Mechanical – Tishreen
☑ Fajr-e-Jam Gas Refining, Gas – 85 MW Power Plant
☑ Karanj Parsi Desalting Plant
☑ Sarvestan Oil Field Development
☑ Mobin Petrochemical Utility Plant
☑ Assaluye Petrochemical Zone Flood Control (Civil Work)



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