Medicinal & Cosmeceutical Projects

FeeasOur team has the experience of being involved in conclusion of agreements on a variety of medicinal and cosmeceutical products manufacturing and supply. Mention, inter alia, can be made of the following projects:


Cell line and Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development

We have helped scientific and professional companies, whose focus is mammalian cell lines, to negotiate and finalize agreements for cell culture expression systems in order to assist in the development of stable cell lines, optimization of cell culture media, post-translational modifications, and selection thereof for optimal bioreactor performance to yield maximum recombinant protein production and protein formation.


We have in our portfolio devising cooperation frameworks for top quality supervision of services regarding the design, synthesis and conjugation of antigenic peptides will help generation of high quality antibodies which would be used as immunogen for monoclonal development projects, ranging from antigen consultation, antigen preparation, monoclonal antibody development, antibody purification, cell banking and scale-up to antibody conjugation.


Cosmeceutical Production and Private Labeling Projects

An area in which we have a profound knowledge and experience to close deals is the projects on manufacturing cosmeceutical products under license, private labeling and exclusive sales agency agreements with US, Canadian and Korean companies active in manufacturing various quality products such as creams and gels of anti-aging, anti-COSMECEUTICALS & SKIN CAREwrinkle, hyaluranic acid fillers, cosmetic surgery threads, etc. These companies possess cGMP compliant and/or FDA Registered factories utilizing the latest in technological equipment to manufacture products under the highest quality standards. We choose from among the best to ensure that all products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped under scrupulous quality control procedures and standards where product testing is conducted at multiple stages of formulation and manufacture to ensure consistency and quality.



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