Automotive Industries

car manufacturing paint shop2We, enjoying an experienced team of engineers and business professionals, have in our portfolio the membership in negotiation teams for the sale and local manufacturing (CKD/SKD assembly) of the full range of vehicles (passenger cars, SUV’s and commercial vehicles – busses and trucks) as well as auto parts & components manufacturing (localization).

During the last two decades, we have negotiated and concluded successful agreement with KIA Motor (S. Korea), Citroen (France), IVECO (Italy), SCANIA (Sweden), Hyundai Corp. (S. Korea), Renault (France), Daewoo Bus (S. Korea), and Mahindra & Mahindra (India), such agreement being all the auto manufacturing agreements including:

  • License Agreement
  • Engineering, Technical Assistance & Training
  • KD Supply Agreement
  • Distribution & After-sales Services
  • Auto Industries parts and components localized manufacturing/assembly lines

We have also managed to establish car Sales & After-sales Networks, for some Iranian car manufacturers in Iran such as SAIPA Group (a full-range car-manufacturing group with the production of nearly five hundred thousand vehicles per year). We successfully concluded and implemented the agreements in Jordan, Algeria, Syria (a car manufacturing Joint Venture), Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Armenia, Azerbaijan (a sales network Joint Venture) and Turkmenistan,

Relying on our team of engineers, we have also been involved in the design and implementation of certain related projects. Mention, inter alia, can be made of the design of Auto Guided Vehicles (AVG’s) for the automatic supply of parts and components to the assembly lines in SAIPA Corporation.

Given our experience, knowledge and networks in the above-mentioned countries, we are the right choice for the adoption of the best strategy to enter these markets for the purpose of sale, and more specifically assembly of vehicles in certain countries in the above region. We would play a key role in reducing the cost price (in case of local vehicle assembly) or retail price (in case of mere exportation) of vehicles. We render precise market positioning for each and every vehicles, and the parts thereof, to achieve the lion’s share for every car segment.

We have recently concluded new agreements (a) for the sale of 10,000 vehicles per annum with a car dealer, and (b) for finding and concluding assembly agreement with a reputable international car manufacturing company in the region. For these new projects, we are in the process of finding the most proper products, and are approaching the best candidate car companies in this regard.



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